For many at first glance, the price of an electric kayak may seem high. The eMogi Aluki starts at $7000 and the most expensive model will cost you $8240.

Of course, it is a lot of money, we agree, but let’s take a closer look together at what you get for that price and compare the price of this electric kayak with similar outboard motorized units.

eMogi Aluki kayak is a high-tech product at a top level with more than 3 years of development. It has no competition among motorized kayaks, and it is also the only motorized kayak that can be comfortably carried with a weight of 17 – 22 kg. Our electric kayak is the only one that allows you cruise down on slow rivers and ride back up stream where you started without necessity having pickup on 2 locations.

As we haven’t discovered any motorized kayak with integrated drive at the market, let’s compare the price of eMogi Aluki kayak with similar outboard motorized unit. The price of one outboard motor unit, for example Torpeedo will cost you minimum over $2000.

On top of it add the price of the kayak from $400 – $3000 and whole outboard system installation and paddle, it still won’t achieve the parameters of our electric kayak in terms of weight and operation time. Our electric kayak is ready made (Plug & Play), professionally handcrafted and with standard warranty.

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