eMogi motorized kayak – New product video

Brand new model of our electric kayak. Lightweight, easy control, [...]

Prague rides

eMogi electric kayaks on the Vltava river in Prague.

eMogi motorized kayaks presentation

A revolution in kayaking is approaching with our patented integrated [...]

Emogi Aluki testing at Prague – Troja Canoeing Centre

Summer day testing EMogi motorized electric kayak at brilliant Prague [...]

eMogi Aluki motorized kayak – details and features

Our ekayak is now finished and will be available at [...]

eMogi motorized kayak 360° video

Testing drives on eMogi electric kayak in Grygov (CZ)

eMogi Electric Kayaks in Sweden

eMogi Electric Kayaks test drives in Sweden

Kayaker Milan Krasny – coach test

An experienced kayaker and trainer Milan Krasny tested the eMogi [...]

eMogi motorized kayak river stream

Testing our kayaks at a fairly strong current upstream on [...]