Our foldable propeller – this has been designed for our ekayak only, we focused on efficiency, simplicity and easy replacement.

The center of the  propeller is made of durable nylon (not 3D print), so the replacement concerns the blades only (with cost from $5 – $30). When a user damages any other solid propeller you have to buy a new one starting at $100,- in this category.

Our eshop also offers a solid 3 blade propeller that doesn’t reach the efficiency our foldable does, but can endure harsh conditions. With the solid propeller causing water repulsion when the motor is idle, our foldable one enables users to enjoy paddling without the engine with ease of classic kayak.

Foldable propeller is also beneficial for use at water bodies where there are many leaves and impurities, when stopping the motor, the propeller folds and drops the leaves away.

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